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Full Tilt Poker offers the following information to help you keep your personal information secure.

Representatives of Full Tilt Poker will always appear in green text in the game software – they will never ask you for personal information. If they do not appear in green text, they do not represent Full Tilt Poker and should be disregarded.

Never give out your account information or password. No representative from Full Tilt Poker will ever ask for this information. If you are asked for information, this should be reported immediately. If you are asked for a password, banking information, a payment or account number, do not provide this.

Be careful following external links. Some lead to websites claiming to be Full Tilt Poker and request personal details or information. Please note that if a website is not a domain name, it is not a Full Tilt Poker website. Please alert support if you suspect that this has been attempted.

Currently, the only time you will be asked for your Login and Password details is when you log in to the game software as shown below:

FTP Login

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at