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Full Tilt Poker World Poker Championship Heats Up!

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The Full Tilt World Poker Championship continues with Mexico taking on Croatia, hoping to keep up the pace set in their opening match against Brazil. A fast start by Mexico with their Sit & Go skills proves to be too hot to handle for Croatia. They place a cool 2nd, well ahead of Croatia’s 18th. This match-up is proving that form counts for nothing.

Croatia will now slow the pace slightly, hoping that Mexico won’t be able to deal with their MTT techniques.


While Brazil beat Croatia in the first match of group A, it looks like it’s time for revenge for Croatia as in this pairing they place in 32nd, five steps ahead of Mexico’s 37th place finish. With Mexico ahead with the Sit & Go format and Croatia in the lead in MTTs, it may just come down to their performances in cash games to see who will come up trumps in this battle.

Croatia cash game performance puts them in 2nd place in the overall ranking at Full Tilt Poker with Mexico far off in the distance, in 37th place.

Croatia has proven to be unbeatable so far and has easily made it through the group, but it’s still early days. Mexico now has to face a tense play-off against Brazil to decide who goes through the group along with Croatia.

Check back to the Full Tilt Poker blog tomorrow to see who is joining Croatia in the next stage of Full Tilt Poker’s World Poker Championship.