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[Grind Station] Andras Nemeth Emphasizes a Balanced Lifestyle

By Gareth Chantler Posted at 4:54 pm on 1 July 2014

Grind Station returns for its third installment with a visit to Andras Nemeth’s home. The Hungarian poker pro is a staple on Full Tilt Poker throughout the week, but especially Sundays where he plays some of the biggest tournaments available. Don’t forget to check out previous grind stations with Marc Kennedy and Kristen Bicknell.


Comfort rules Nemeth’s grind station

You have been a grinder for some time now, can you take us through the evolution of your grind station?

Well to be honest I never was a computer expert so all I ever had was a computer/laptop and a screen attached to it.  Plenty of times I only played only on  a laptop sitting on my couch so that was my temporary grind station. :)

I have seen you playing on a mobile device or a laptop in a live card room, do you feel your game is different or you sacrifice EV in doing this?

Yes I played some tournaments while I was playing in the FTP $1k in Montreal.

For me it was perfect as I find 1 tabling live tournaments extremely boring, especially on day 1. Actually it helped me a lot not to spazz the first day there.

There are a few times when you have a hand both online and live and that can be disturbing but that’s rare and still, if we look at EV, lets say I have a 50% ROI in a live MTT which goes down to 40% when I play online at the same time, I still add the EV of my online play to that, for example in a $1k my EV live goes down to $400 but  playing $5k worth of MTTs that day with an ROI of 20% adds 1k in EV so that becomes way more than the original $500 EV in my live play.

What makes your current setup ideal for grinding?

Not sure if that fits the definition “setup” properly, but to me what really makes grinding perfect is that I have my girlfriend around.

She randomly comes to my grinding room and starts talking to me about really anything, shopping lists or plans for the week then she sits on my leg. Whenever I tilt that just calms me down instantly and love that when I do play I still get a sense of real life. :)

Do you find you get action on FTP based on your SN being in red?


Especially when I was pretty much the only red named pro in the rush lobbies I felt that recreational players tried to bluff me more or called me down lighter than usual. Since a lot of black card professionals play the rush tables now I feel that a little bit less.

To be honest I really miss that. :)


“I just prefer to have a balanced life”

How much volume do you put in during a month, how much can you put in if you have to?

I play MTTs around 2 times a week and play cash games the other days. Most cash game hands I put in a  month was around 80k hands. I think if i had to I could put in around 150k hands but I don’t want to do that.

I just prefer to have a balanced life, go to theatres, concerts, and dinners every week and spend time with my girlfriend and friends. That just seems impossible to me while playing 150k hands a month so I just try to stick to what works for me very well.

How important is nutrition, exercise, or other away from the computer stuff you do, to your success at the online felt?

Extremely important.

Not only because you feel way better in your body when you eat and drink well and do exercises. You are also sharper. I remember times when I didn’t do these things and was putting in lot of hours of grinding. I felt very bad, unhealthy and honestly, just felt miserable in front of the computer.

Caffeine of choice?

I like black coffee and green tea. And NEVER EVER energy drinks. Please all the grinders out there, do not drink those poisons.

Gareth Chantler,

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