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[Interview] Rush Poker Mobile App with Eoin Redmond

By Full Tilt Posted at 12:00 pm on 10 February 2014


On January 7th, 2014 Full Tilt Poker launched its Rush Poker Mobile App. Eoin Redmond, mobile product manager at Full Tilt Poker, answered questions regarding the application’s capacities in anticipation of its release.

Q1. Will players have the opportunity to select any of the rush poker lobbies on the app?

A1. Players can choose between No-Limit Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, and Adrenaline Rush at a range of stake levels from 1c/2c to $2/$4.

Adrenaline Rush games (coming January 7th) are 4-handed. You can buy in for between five and ten big blinds and there is no post-flop betting. You can only raise or fold, unless your opponent is already all-in, you are calling all-in, or the ten big blind cap has been reached.

The app will be particularly attractive to players who are short on time and love poker. If you’re passing time on the commute to work or in a café on your lunch break, you can get involved in some action quickly.

Q2. Can players expect a smooth graphical interface similar to playing on their laptop?

A2. This is a native iOS app. They don’t come much smoother! We have a dedicated iOS User Experience and Design team that have been working day and night to come up with the best user experience possible.

The design ethic is balancing the need between features people actually use and want against gimmicks. A lot of poker apps already available are built to capture the eye but do not fulfill the needs of the poker player on the go.


We have conducted extensive user testing to produce features that are closely aligned with the poker player’s needs. Our watchword is “Context”.

Understanding not only what the poker player wants to achieve, but
also where they will be and in what mood. For example, banking on the bus to the shops on your phone is not the same as banking on a desktop at work.

Q3. How long can you sit out while playing and preserve your stack size?

A3. You can sit out for an indefinite period of time but after 15 minutes you will be logged out of the app due to inactivity.

But don’t worry. If you need to get more chips, players have the option to set their buy-in preferences to auto top-up if their stack falls below a certain amount.

Q4. Will players have access to a time bank?

A4. Yes, players will have access to a time bank. The player will need to activate it by tapping on the time bank icon that appears on their player pod if they want to use it.


Q5. Bet sizing is a slider I assume?

A5. Players can use the bet slider, the pot-related bet buttons, or a combination of both to set their bet amount.

Q6. Anything in the works to have multiple entries in a single pool or multiple tables?

A6. With the speed of play for Rush Poker, multi-tabling on a single screen device will be a sub-optimal experience, even for the most committed of players.

We have a comprehensive roadmap with loads of features coming in 2014. This includes the introduction of Sit & Gos, Standard Ring Games, and Tournaments.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise but we have a few tricks up our sleeve coming. The mobile gaming environment is evolving every day and there are lots of changes that will be included naturally, in addition to the feedback we receive from users.

Q7. What is the most user friendly part of the App?

A7. The app is so simple. It has been designed specifically for Mobile. You can simply login and play within 2 taps. It requires no user guide. Anyone (18 or older) can play.

We haven’t set out to reinvent the wheel, poker has existed longer than phones and tablets have and there are certain things that make any poker game work.

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