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Updated! VSA24 Scores $15,000 in Jackpot SNG’s 1st Day

By Gareth Chantler Posted at 2:06 pm on 25 June 2014

Jackpot Sit and Go’s wasted no time to get into the swing of things.

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Three players scored the 2,000x prize pool multiplier

Full Tilt Poker Player VSA24, of Russia, experienced the thrill of the big score during Full Tilt Poker’s first day of Jackpot Sit and Go’s.

Holding Qs-Jc to majordx’s Ah-Kh on a decisive Qc-4s-8h-Qd-3d board, the 23-year old won 1,500 times her $10 buy-in as per the possibilities Jackpot Sit and Go’s create for that huge score.

Jackpot Sit and Go’s begin with three players battling for a multiplier of their buy-in, with prize pools of up to 2,000X for a lucky trio.

After seats are randomly assigned, players battle it out in a fast-paced freezeout.

VSA24 beat out Full Tilt Poker players majordx and Dani142536789, whom won $3,000 and $2,000 for their second and third place finishes respectively.

The Full Tilt Poker Blog caught up with VSA24 to get her immediate reaction to the score,

winning hand

VSA24’s $15,000 clinching hand

“…even now I still can’t believe that I won $15,000 from a $10 buy-in! Currently I’m in the middle of preparations for my wedding with my boyfriend, so the money will help for sure! This is my first big (huge) win and I would like to say a huge thank you to all the Full Tilt Poker team!”


In the second day of Jackpot Sit and Go’s, another player, PackieAA from the Czech Republic, became the first player to scoop the largest possible prize from the $1 level.

After only three games, the 20-year-old bested Bender2378 and lozer7, to win his three-handed Sit and Go for the $1,500 first-place prize. His opponents took home $300 for second and $200 for third respectively.

He said, “How can I feel when I play for small money and then all of the sudden for 1,5K?! It is unbelievable, the real poker adventure. Your heart is beating and you already know you will get some money for sure.”

Meanwhile, there are rumours that a Scandinavian member of The Professionals will be playing some Jackpot Sit and Go’s later today at all four buy-in levels.

Gareth Chantler,

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