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Edge FAQ

What is the Edge rewards program?

Edge is Full Tilt’s rewards program. Players can achieve one of six status levels and earn rewards by playing real-money games.

How do I gain the Edge and begin to earn rewards?

Reach Bronze status by maintaining a 30-Day rolling average of 1 Full Tilt Point per day. Maintain a higher rolling average to reach higher status levels and earn greater rewards.

How do I know that I’ve joined Edge or moved status levels?

Every time you reach a new status level, you will be notified by pop-up and email.

What are the main rewards on offer in Edge?

Bronze players can register for two daily Edge players-only freeroll tournaments at 15:05 ET and 21:05 ET and for two exclusive freeroll tournaments, taking place every Sunday at 09:45 ET and 17:45 ET.

Silver status or higher players earn weekly Edge Rewards cash payments by playing real-money games and accumulating Full Tilt Points. The higher your status, the more you earn. You also get to keep all the points you earn, which can be used in the Full Tilt Store.

All Edge players can participate in the Monthly Edge Leaderboards. Players must opt in and can compete across a variety of different game types to win cash prizes and Edge status level upgrades.

Achieve Black Card status to unlock our highest level of rewards; see the Black Card FAQ below for more information.

What status levels can I reach and at what rate do I earn Edge Rewards?

For more information on the status levels, the rolling points averages required to achieve these levels, and the rates at which you earn Edge Rewards, please visit the Full Tilt Edge page.

How often will I receive my Edge Reward?

Once per week. The amount received depends on your Edge status and the number of Full Tilt Points earned during the qualifying period.

Do bonus Full Tilt Points count towards my rolling points averages?

Only base Full Tilt Points count towards your averages. Bonus points multipliers, such as Happy Hour bonus points, do not count.

Do I earn Full Tilt Points in Casino Games?

Yes, Full Tilt Points are earned based on the amount wagered. The rate you earn points depends on the game type and variant played. For more information, please visit our Full Tilt Points page.

Please note that if you have achieved an Edge status level of Silver or higher, the Full Tilt Points you earn playing casino games are disregarded when determining your weekly Edge Rewards cash payments.

How are rolling points averages calculated?

Your 30-day rolling average is based on the previous 29 days plus the current day and your 100-day rolling average is based on the previous 99 days plus the current day.

Is there a grace period if I drop below the points average required for my Edge status level?

There is no grace period; should you fail to maintain the points averages required, you will drop to a lower status level or out of Edge if you fail to maintain Bronze status.

I’m not a Diamond or Black Card status player but I can access the Diamond Edge Store. Does this mean I can purchase Diamond Edge items?

All players can browse through the Diamond Edge Store but only Diamond Edge members and Black Card players can purchase items.

Black Card FAQ

How do I become a Black Card player?

By maintaining a 100-day rolling average of 500 Full Tilt Points per day. You can also be awarded Black Card status if you are a Diamond status player and finish in the top 25 of any Monthly Edge Leaderboard, irrespective of your rolling points average.

What additional rewards do I receive on top of those on offer to the other Edge players?

In addition to retaining all of the benefits received as a Diamond status player, you can opt in to the Monthly Edge Leaderboards to earn double Full Tilt Points for your play. If you opt in to the Monthly Edge Leaderboards before reaching Black Card status, you automatically participate in the sponsorship program the moment you become a Black Card player.

You can also convert your Full Tilt Points, both those accumulated over time and newly acquired, directly to cash at a rate of $1 for every 250 Full Tilt Points. Points can be converted on a manual or automatic basis.

How do I convert Full Tilt Points into cash?

Black Card players can convert their Full Tilt Points – both those accumulated over time and newly acquired – directly to cash at a rate of $1 for every 250 Full Tilt Points.

You can automatically convert the Full Tilt Points you earn in the period between Edge Rewards paydays by selecting the Edge menu in the game lobby, clicking Edge Rewards Payday… and ticking the checkbox in the Edge Rewards Payday dialog.

You can manually convert your points into cash via the Convert Full Tilt Points dialog. To access this, open the Cashier in the game lobby and click the Convert FTPs button above your Full Tilt Points balance.

Edge Leaderboards FAQ

How do I take part in the Monthly Edge Leaderboards?

There are two ways to opt in:

  • Log in, select the Edge menu in the game lobby and click Opt In To Leaderboards… to open the opt in dialog
  • Log in and visit your personal Edge Status page in My Promotions, open the Monthly Edge LBs tab and click OPT IN to Leaderboards

After opting in, your play will be automatically tracked and your Player ID listed on the Monthly Edge Leaderboards as appropriate.

Where can I see my position on the Monthly Edge Leaderboards?

Log in, access the My Promotions section and open the Monthly Edge LBs tab on your personal Edge Status page. Your current position will be shown above whichever leaderboard you choose to display.

What is Leaderboard Winner status?

Leaderboard Winner status is a Black Card status applied to the top three players on each Edge Leaderboard every month.

  • Players who rank first will be awarded Leaderboard Winner status for 30 days and will receive weekly cash payments at a rate of $6 for every 100 FTPs they earn
  • Players who rank second will be awarded Leaderboard Winner status for 30 days and will receive weekly cash payments at a rate of $5 for every 100 FTPs they earn
  • Players who rank third will be awarded Leaderboard Winner status for 30 days and will receive weekly cash payments at a rate of $4 for every 100 FTPs they earn

Players awarded Leaderboard Winner status will be displayed in red on the desktop app. Players awarded Leaderboard Winner status do not receive double Full Tilt Points on all of their play. This also applies to Black Card players that are awarded Leaderboard Winner status.

Can I opt in to the Monthly Edge Leaderboards after the month has begun?

If you opt in mid-month and hold an Edge status level for least a portion of the month, all of your play during that month will be taken into account for the purposes of the leaderboards.

What happens if I drop below Bronze status or decide to opt out of the Monthly Edge Leaderboards?

If you opt out or drop below Bronze status, your Player ID will not be listed on future leaderboards, but your previous play remains tracked and your Player ID will be listed on existing and archived leaderboards as appropriate.

Do the ring game/rush leaderboards ignore big blinds lost against opponents?

Yes – only wins are counted and losses do not detract from your score. Each win counts, not the net result; players can only gain points and can’t lose points.

If you win 100 big blinds from an opponent in a hand and then lose 50 big blinds to that opponent in a subsequent hand, you will still be up 100 big blinds on that opponent for the purposes of the leaderboard.

What is the maximum number of points that can be won playing against a single player?

The maximum is 400 big blinds. Any additional wins against the same player will not add points. This is to encourage diversity in the range of opponents you play. The more opponents you have (with 100+BB wins), the better your score.

How are leaderboard points calculated if I win against an opponent at multiple stakes levels? For example, I have won 400 big blinds against player A at $0.50/$1.00 and then win 200 big blinds against player A at $2.50/$5.00? How exactly are the points calculated?

The points are per opponent and are accumulated per stake level multiplier. In this case, $0.50/$1.00 has a 5x multiplier, while $2.50/$5.00 has a 10x multiplier. Thus, these are summed individually and the player can earn points from the same opponent at the different stakes-multiplier levels. The higher stakes share multipliers while lower stakes are more unique, encouraging play on all levels (bigger bonus multiplier on high stakes, but more chance to earn base points on lower stakes).

There is a multiplier based on an opponent’s leaderboard position, what happens if I win 100 big blinds from a player who is right down the bottom of the leaderboard but later in the month moves to the top. Do my points increase if the player moves up the rankings?

The multiplier points are earned based on your opponent’s final ranking from the previous month’s leaderboard. This ranking will not change as the previous month’s leaderboard is closed and can’t change.

What happens if I have won 199 big blinds from a player at the end of the month, will I only get the points from the first 100 big blinds?

Points are awarded as follows:

  • 0-99BB earns no base points
  • 100-199BB earns 10 base points
  • 200-299BB earns 16 base points
  • 300-399BB earns 19 base points
  • 400+BB earns 20 base points

Do I earn points if win 50 big blinds from player A at one stake level and 50 big blinds from him at another stake level?

You will only earn points if the multiplier applied to the each stake level is the same. If you win 50 big blinds at $0.50/$1.00 and another 50 big blinds at $1.00/$2.00 you won’t earn any points as these stakes have different multipliers. If you win 50 big blinds at $0.10/$0.20 and another 50 big blinds at $0.10/$0.25 you will earn points as these stakes have the same multiplier. You can earn up to 400 points against a player at every multiplier level but not every stake level as stakes that have the same multiplier will be counted together.

If I play a player heads-up on a full ring table (for example, while waiting for others to join or because players have sat out), do any points earned count towards the Ring Game leaderboard?

No – there must be three or more players dealt into a hand for leaderboard points to be awarded.

How are points calculated in hands that are run twice?

The system tracks the total amount each player wins from each pot and from each opponent during each hand. Losses are ignored/not counted.

A player goes all in for 100 big blinds; I call and win a pot of 198 big blinds after rake. What is my net win from my opponents in this case?

Rake is specifically excluded in the calculation to award points as rake is not won from an opponent. If Player A bets 100 big blinds, Player 2 bets 100 big blinds and two big blinds are raked from the pot then Player A wins the total pot (198 big blinds). Player A has only earned 99 big blinds from player B, as the house has taken the other big blind from Player B. Player A also wins back his own 99 big blinds, but cannot earn points from himself.

Are big blinds lost to an opponent ever considered?

You can never lose points by losing a hand. You can only ever gain points. The only way to move down in the leaderboard standings is if another player surpasses your total points.

How are the Multi-Table Tournaments Leaderboard points calculated?

All Multi-Table Tournaments leaderboard points are calculated using buy-in amounts, as shown below.

For example:

  • Player A plays $45+$5 tournament and finishes on the 2nd place.
  • Tournament has 120 players.
  • Buy in = $45
  • Entrants = 120
  • Position = 2

Player A will get the square root of ((45*120) /2) = 51.96 points.

How are the Ring Game Leaderboard points calculated?

The ring game formula is: (Month-To-Date Ring Games Results Versus Individual Opponent Multiplier) x (Stake Multiplier) x (Opponents Past Ring Games Performance Multiplier) x (Pro Multiplier).

For example:

  • Player A plays $0.05 / $0.10 NL Hold'em against Player B,
  • Player A finished on 8th place and Player B finished on 15th place on the previous month's Hold’em Leaderboard.
  • Player A wins 200BB from Player B and loses 100 BBs.
  • Month-To-Date Ring Game Results versus Individual Opponent Multiplier = Player A gets a multiplier of 16 for winning 200 BBs. Player B gets a multiplier of 10 for winning 100 BBs (losses aren't deducted from the winnings).
  • Stake Multiplier = As the Big Blind is $0.10, the stake multiplier is 2.
  • Opponents Past Ring Games Performance Multiplier = As player A was 8th, multiplier is 5 and as player B was 15th, multiplier is 4.
  • Pro Multiplier = 1 for both players as neither of them are pro players.

Points for Player A: 16 * 2 * 4* 1 = 128

Points for Player B: 10 * 2 * 5* 1 = 100

When playing Rush, does my play count towards both the Rush Leaderboard and the leaderboard associated with the game type I’m playing?

Rush hands go to Rush leaderboards only, and not to the usual based on game type. For Edge leaderboards, a hand can count only towards a single leaderboard.

What happens if I am in the top three on two leaderboards during the same month?

Players can only get one Edge Leaderboard prize per month even if they appear on separate leaderboards.

Which game types count towards each leaderboard?

Hold’em: All Hold’em ring games, excluding Rush Poker and Heads-Up.

Omaha: All Omaha ring games, excluding Rush Poker and Heads-Up.

Rush: All Rush Poker ring games

Sit & Go: All Sit & Go Tournaments, excluding Heads-Up and Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments.

Multi-Table Tournaments: All MTTs.