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10 November 2015

Play for even bigger prizes in The Deal

You now have the option to buy in to The Deal for 10 Coins, which means you can play for bigger prizes and improve your chances of taking down the progressive jackpot.

The choice is yours: buy in for 1 Coin and have a shot at the jackpot by hitting a royal flush, or buy in for 10 Coins and get that shot for hitting a straight flush too, which is 10 times more likely.

There are also bigger cash prizes up for grabs in the 10 Coin variant; for example, four of a kind awards $200, while the same hand dealt in the 1 Coin version awards $20.

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Sit & Go Lobby Simplified

We’ve simplified how you register for single-table Sit & Go Tournaments, so you can start playing even faster. Simply select your preference in the Sit & Go lobby and click Register Now to join up to four of your chosen Sit & Go type. You’re seated straight away and play starts once enough players are registered.

Progressive Knockout Tournaments

Progressive Knockout tournaments are similar to regular Knockout Tournaments – as you eliminate opponents you’ll increase your own bounty as you earn cash rewards.

In a Progressive Knockout Tournament, a percentage of each player’s knockout bounty is added to the bounty of the player that eliminated them.

For example: your opponent has a $10 bounty on their head and the progressive percentage for the tournament is 25%. If you knock them out, you’ll win $7.50 and your own bounty will increase by $2.50. If a player in the same tournament had increased their own bounty to $20, then the player who knocked them out would get $15 and increase their own bounty by $5.

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18 August 2015

The Deal

Win instantly with The Deal, the game that can unlock a wealth of prizes with just one five-card poker hand.

Use a Coin to play The Deal – Players Club members earn these by playing real-money games.

Once you’re at the table, you’ll be dealt seven cards face down. Select two to discard, and when your five-card hand is revealed, you’ll find out which prize you’ve won. The better your hand, the better your prize.

If you hit a royal flush, you’ll be whisked off to the bonus round, where you can win up to 50% of the progressive jackpot with the spin of the wheel.

Then the remaining 50% of the jackpot is shared out equally among recent The Deal players. It’s a win-win.

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28 July 2015

Get to Ring Games faster

We’ve introduced changes that allow you to start playing Ring Games within a couple of clicks. Log in and open the lobby, select your preferred stake level, then simply click Play Now. Once you’ve been seated, decide on the amount you wish to take to the table and get ready to start playing.

Learn more about these changes on the Full Tilt Blog.

9th June 2015

Self-Imposed Poker Stakes Limits

You now have the option to exclude yourself from playing above certain stake and buy-in levels. You can set your stake limits for all Ring Games and maximum buy-in levels for our tournaments. You can also disable your access to specific Ring Games or tournaments, if you wish.

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Self-Imposed Casino Wager Limits

You now have the option to exclude yourself from playing above certain stake levels for casino games. You can select a maximum wager amount for Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Slots and Live Casino games or you can disable your access to these games if you wish.

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