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14th October 2008

Matrix Tournaments

Prepare yourself for a tournament like you’ve never experienced. When you enter Full Tilt Poker’s new Matrix Tournaments, you’ll play four tournament tables against the same opponents simultaneously in the ultimate test of poker skill.

In our Matrix Tournaments, you’ll play down to the last man at each of four individual tables, just like a Sit & Go. But unlike a Sit & Go, your chance to make a score doesn’t end there − you’ll also earn Matrix points for each player that you knockout and for every player that you outlast on each table. Once the last table finishes, the players who’ve earned the highest Matrix scores will be paid out for their overall performance, in addition to their payout for their finish in each tournament.

When you’re ready to check out our new Matrix Tournaments, just look for the "M" symbol next to select tournaments in the tournament lobby. No other poker site offers this new and unique tournament format − go to the Sit & Go lobby to enter the Matrix today.

New Account Security: Login with your email address

You can now add an extra layer of security to your Full Tilt Poker account by using your email address to login to the game. To change your login method, open the “Security” drop-down menu in the game lobby and select "Login Preferences…"

A pop-up window will open and you’ll be able to choose your login preference.

New Account Security

Please note that in order to login with your email address you must use the same email address that is registered with your Full Tilt Poker account.

5th August 2008

Tournament Late Registration

Ever lost track of time? Our new Late Registration feature will make sure you don’t blink and miss your chance to register for a tournament ever again.

Now, even if you fail to join one of our popular multi-table tournaments before the cards fly, you’ll still be able to grab some chips and a chair after the first hand has been dealt. So if you’ve just missed the start of your favourite tournament, make sure to check if late registration is available by viewing the tournament lobby.

Late Reg

At the beginning of the tournament, a number of seats will be reserved for late entrants. Each late-comer will receive a full chip stack and will be dealt in on their big blind.

Late Reg

For most tournaments, late registration will be open until there are no more reserved seats available or the end of the first blind level.


Your favorite menu actions are now at your fingertips with the addition of new Hotkeys.

We now have Hotkeys for the following:

  • Find Tournament by ID – Ctrl+T (Command+T on Mac)
  • Registered in Tournaments – Ctrl+R (Command+R on Mac)
  • Check My Disconnect Time balance – Ctrl+D (Command+D on Mac)
  • Auto Muck On/Off – Ctrl+M (Command+K on Mac)
  • Display Bet Amounts – Ctrl+B (Command+B on Mac)
  • Display Pot Totals – Ctrl+P (Command+P on Mac)
  • Open Up Cashier – Ctrl+S (Command+S on Mac)

You can view these shortcuts under "Options" in the lobby:


And also under "Requests":

These Hotkeys will work while browsing in the lobby and also while you’re seated at a table, giving you easy access to some of our most popular options.

Bet Slider Options

When you’re playing Pot-Limit and No-Limit games, you’ll now be able to choose how your bet slider works.

Select Options from either the Main Lobby or your open table and go to Bet Slider Options to change how your bet slider works. You can test your settings to find out which works best for you.

Bet Slider

You can choose from three modes: Classic, Linear and Exponential. Classic is the existing mode where the pot size is the mid-way point of the slider. In Linear mode, the mid-way point of the slider is the same as half your chip stack and in Exponential mode, the slider will start out slowly at the beginning, but increase rapidly toward the end.

You can also assign what happens when you mouse click on the slider. Jump to Click Point (Classic) means the slider will go straight to where your mouse cursor is when you click. Increase/Decrease bet amount by big blind means that for each time you click on the bet slider, the bet amount will increase/decrease by the amount of the big blind, depending on which side of the slider pointer you click on.

Additionally, you can assign an action to your mouse wheel if you wish. You can choose to have the bet amount increase/decrease by big blind when you scroll up/down, or for the bet amount to increase/decrease even more gradually by choosing the ‘Smooth’ option.

Display Table on Action

If you like to have other applications open while you play at Full Tilt Poker, our new Display Table on Action option will help you to organize your open windows the way you want them.

The Display Table on Action option lets you choose what happens when it’s your turn to act. If you turn this option on, your active table(s) will automatically pop-up in front of any open applications. If you turn this option off, your active table(s) will flash in the taskbar and you will have to manually click on each table to open it and play your hand.

1st May 2008

Shootout Tournaments

Do you have what it takes to be the last man standing? Find out by playing in our Shootout Tournaments.

Unlike standard Multi-Table Tournaments, where players are moved to keep the tables balanced as others are knocked out, each table in a Shootout Tournament plays down to a single winner − just like a Sit & Go. Win your table and you’ll move on to face the winners of the other tables in the tournament.

In a Double Shootout, players have to win their starting table before advancing to the final table. For example, a standard Double Shootout will have a field of 81 players, with the nine table winners moving on to the final table. In a Triple Shootout, players have to win two tables before advancing to the final table.

Get in on the action and play in a Shootout Tournament today. Just look for the Shootout symbol in the tournament lobby and take aim at the competition.

Happy Hour

It’s time to get happy at Full Tilt Poker. Look for the smiley faces in the game and tournament lobbies to find our new Happy Hour tables where you can earn double or triple your Full Tilt Points just by playing in your favorite ring games and tournaments.

happy hour

Your bonus points will automatically appear in your account so all you have to worry about is how to spend them.

Tournament Waiting List

Now you don’t have to worry about getting shut out of your favorite tournaments thanks to our Tournament Waiting Lists.

If the event you want to play fills up before you register, you can still reserve a seat at the table by joining the waiting list. Just click the “Register for Waiting List” button and buy into the tournament as normal. If any player unregisters and you’re first on the list, you’ll automatically get a seat. If there are no seats available, your buy-in will be refunded to your account.

waiting lists

28th February 2008

Tournament Dollars

Spend your tournament winnings the way you want to with the introduction of Tournament Dollars (T$).

When you win a tournament entry though a satellite, you now have the option to un-register and receive your tournament buy-in back in T$. You can then use your T$s to enter any real money tournament or Sit & Go of your choice.

Tournament Dollars

You can keep track of your T$ balance at any time by clicking on the Cashier.

Tournament Dollars

If you don't have enough T$s in your account to enter your chosen tournament, you can combine your T$s with real money to cover your buy-in. If you need cold hard cash, you can even convert your T$s to real money.

Tournament Dollars

Now you never have to worry about winning a satellite into a tournament that you're not available to play in. Take advantage of T$s and add some flexibility to your tournament schedule.

Sit Out Next BB

If you're playing at our speed tables and want to leave just before your next big blind we've made things easier for you. We've added the Sit Out Next BB box to let you select this popular option from any position at the table.

Just check the box and you'll be dealt in every hand until your big blind comes around, at which time you'll automatically sit out.

Sit Out Next BB

Notes in Main Lobby

Finding your buddies and avoiding tough opponents is easier than ever now that you can view Player Notes in both the Main and Tournament lobbies. For ring games, simply click the table of your choice to view the lobby and see which players you've marked along with the corresponding color code of the note you assigned.

Ring Game Lobby

If you're a tournament player, each individual tournament lobby now has extra information for you. In the chip count list, you'll now see color-coded icons next to the players you have notes on. This information is also available when you click on a table in the tournament lobby to display the players seated at that table.

Tournament Lobby

Auto Top-Up

Keep your stack looking healthy all the time with our new Auto Top-Up feature for ring games. Choose your desired amount and anytime your table balance falls below your designated level, we'll automatically top it up for you. It's perfect regardless of whether you like staying at the table maximum, minimum or somewhere in between.

To activate the Auto Top-Up feature, click on the Options menu in the game lobby and select Set Buy-In Preferences. Underneath Ring Game Auto-Rebuy, you'll be able to select and change your preferences for your Auto Top-Up.


Ending Tournaments When Top Prize is Reached

We know time is money, so now our multi-table tournament and Sit & Go satellites will stop when the top prize is reached. If there are seven seats up for grabs in a satellite and there are seven players remaining - you've already done the hard work to win, so why do anymore?

Once all of the remaining players are guaranteed the top prize, the tournament will stop, and you and your fellow winners will all be displayed as first place finishers in the tournament lobby.