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6th December 2010

On Demand Tournaments

Available exclusively at Full Tilt Poker, On Demand Tournaments are a unique hybrid of the Sit & Go and Multi-Table Tournament formats.

As with any standard Sit & Go, On Demand Tournaments begin once the required number of players registers for the tournament. Once play is under way, the format shifts to a Multi-Table Tournament style, with Late Registration available for a predetermined number of levels and tables being balanced as new players enter the fold.

To find an On Demand Tournament, set the filters in the Standard View browse area to Sit & Go or Tournament and then look for tournaments identified with a “D” icon in the game list:

On Demand Tournament Game List

Learn more about On Demand Tournaments.

Game Clock Time Zones

You can now set the Full Tilt Poker game clock to your local time zone. To do so, click on the time zone of the clock in the game lobby and then select your preferred time zone:

Game Clock Time Zones

Please note that Eastern Standard Time is still the official time zone used by Full Tilt Poker, and Full Tilt Point based promotions such as the Iron Man Challenge are calculated using ET.

8-Game and 9-Game Ring Games

On the heels of the popular 10-Game mix added during the debut of Draw Poker, we’re offering two more multi-game mixes in our ring game arsenal: 8-Game and 9-Game.

8-Game tables feature 10-hand rotations of the following games:

  • Limit Hold ‘em
  • Pot Limit Omaha Hi
  • Limit Stud Hi/Lo
  • Limit 2-7 Triple Draw
  • Limit Stud Hi
  • No Limit Hold ‘em
  • Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Limit Razz

9-Game tables feature the following mix:

  • Limit Hold ‘em
  • Limit Stud Hi/Lo
  • Pot Limit Omaha Hi
  • Limit 2-7 Triple Draw
  • Limit Razz
  • No Limit Hold ‘em
  • Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Limit Stud Hi
  • No Limit 2-7 Triple Draw

Learn more about all of the Mixed Games offered at Full Tilt Poker.

Rebuy Tournament Enhancements

We’ve added several features to make playing a rebuy tournament even easier.

For rebuy tournaments that offer an add-on, you can now select to automatically purchase your add-on at the table:

Rebuy Tournament Enhancements

You can also enable the Auto Rebuy and Auto Add-On features for every rebuy tournament you play by clicking the Options button at the table, going to the “Misc” tab and then selecting the Auto Rebuy by Default and Auto Add-On by Default options:

Auto Rebuy by Default and Auto Add-On by Default

Finally, players who late register for a rebuy tournament that has already reached the add-on period will be able to purchase a rebuy (if any are available) before purchasing their add-on.

Other Game Features and Improvements

  • Sit & Go Registration Improvement: From now on, whenever you use the “Register for another Sit & Go of this type” feature while registering for multiple Sit & Go tournaments, this option will no longer be automatically enabled during future use:

Sit & Go Registration Improvement

  • Quick Fold to Any Bet in Rush Poker: For all Rush Poker* ring games and tournaments, the “Fold To Any Bet” option at the table is now “Quick Fold To Any Bet”, meaning you’ll Quick Fold as soon as you’re eligible to do so:

Quick Fold to Any Bet in Rush Poker

  • New Reconnection Behavior for Tournaments: If you ever disconnect from a tournament or Sit & Go and then reconnect after your time bank has expired, you will no longer be required to click the I’m Back button to rejoin the game. Instead, once you reconnect, you’ll automatically rejoin the action.
  • Tournament Announcements: You can now choose whether or not to receive tournament announcements when seated at a table. To access this feature, open the Options menu in the game lobby and select Show Tournament Announcements.

Show Tournament Announcements

  • Two Click Exit: Instead of having to close all of your tables individually, two clicks is now all takes to exit the Full Tilt Poker game software. When you’re ready to end your session, open the Lobby menu in the main lobby and select Exit. If you’re sitting at any ring game tables or playing any tournaments, you’ll need to confirm you want to leave these games before exiting the software:

Two Click Exit

4th November 2010

Draw Poker

New to Full Tilt Poker, draw poker games give players the opportunity to replace any of the cards in their hand by drawing new cards from the deck. We offer five variants of draw poker:

  • 5-Card Draw: From the kitchen table straight to your computer screen, this classic game features one draw round and is played for the high. Learn how to play 5-Card Draw.
  • 2-7 Triple Draw: One of the most popular draw games, 2-7 Triple Draw features three draw rounds to make the best possible low hand. The "nut hand" is 7-5-4-3-2 unsuited. Learn how to play 2-7 Triple Draw.
  • 2-7 Single Draw: Also known as Kansas City Lowball, this game is similar in nature to 2-7 Triple Draw, but only features one draw round. Learn how to play 2-7 Single Draw.
  • A-5 Triple Draw: Another draw game played for the low, A-5 Triple draw differs from 2-7 games in that the Ace is always considered a low card rather than a high card, and straights and flushes are ignored. The best possible hand is 5-4-3-2-A. Learn how to play A-5 Triple Draw.
  • Badugi: A unique draw game of Asian origin, Badugi is played using only four pocket cards. There are three draw rounds, and the goal of the game is to make a low hand using four different cards of all different suits. Learn how to play Badugi.

Draw variants will be available as ring games and in various tournament formats, including a 10-game mix tournament. Look for the new Draw option available in the Standard View browse area to find the game you're looking for.

Draw Poker

Learn more about draw poker games.

The Improved FTP Hand Replayer

We've made some exciting improvements to the FTP Hand Replayer, allowing you to take even more control when reviewing your previous hands.

You can now jump straight to flop, turn or river in any hand by using the buttons shown below:

Hand replayer buttons

For Stud games, you can jump ahead to 4th street and beyond. For draw games, you can jump to any draw round.

The FTP Hand Replayer also now allows you to control the speed at which a hand is played:

Hand replayer speed control

You can play the hand at any speed from 50% of the default speed to 400%, which is 4x faster than the default speed.

Other improvements include a "Continuous Play" option so you can play hands in a selected list without interruption, and the ability to sort columns in the hand selection list.

Learn more about the FTP Hand Replayer.

30th September 2010

The Black Card by Full Tilt Poker

The ultimate recognition of poker status, The Black Card by Full Tilt Poker provides a unique selection of rewards that can only be found at Full Tilt Poker.

Achieve a 100-day rolling Full Tilt Points average of at least 500 points to earn your Black Card membership and receive a host of exclusive benefits, including 2x Full Tilt Points, luxury gifts and preferred treatment at live events in the company of our Full Tilt Poker pros.

Learn how to earn your Black Card.

New Full Tilt Points System

We’ve updated the Full Tilt Points award system so that you’ll earn even more points when you play in real-money games at Full Tilt Poker.

For each dollar raked from the pot in a real-money ring game, ten Full Tilt Points will be awarded to the table and then split equally between all players dealt into the hand. For example, if nine players are dealt into a hand and a total of $1.80 is raked from the pot, 18 points are awarded to the table. The 18 points are then split equally and all nine players receive two Full Tilt Points for that hand.

For every dollar paid in Multi-Table Tournament or Sit & Go fees, you'll receive ten Full Tilt Points. For example, if you play in a tournament with a $200 buy-in and a $16 tournament fee, you'll receive 160 points.

Learn more about the new Full Tilt Points award system.

Improved Bonus Management

Manage and keep track of your bonuses with our improved Bonus Account window. To get started, click the Bonus Account button in the Full Tilt Poker Cashier:

Bonus Account Window

Use the Bonus Account window to view important information about your bonuses, such as earn rate and expiration date, and to place them in your preferred order.

To order your bonuses, select a bonus and then use the arrow buttons to move the bonus either up or down. Whichever bonus is placed in the #1 position will be your active bonus, meaning any Full Tilt Points you earn will be applied to that bonus. Please note that you can only have one active bonus at a time.

If you participate in the Iron Man Challenge, you can exchange your Iron Man Medals for cash bonuses in the Iron Man Store. If you’re a Black Card member, you can exchange Full Tilt Points for cash bonuses in the Black Card Store.

New Ring Game Waitlist Indicators

We’ve added two new ways for you to keep track of your ring game waitlists. Whenever you add your name to an individual table’s waitlist, that table will be highlighted in purple in the game lobby:

New Ring Game Waitlist Indicators

Additionally, the Ring Game Player List Lobby Widget now displays the number of players on the waitlist for the selected table, providing that information for you directly in the lobby:

Ring Game Player List Lobby Widget

8th July 2010

Ring Game Table Finder

Full Tilt Poker’s Ring Game Table Finder gives you quick and easy access to your favorite ring games. Use our Global Waitlists, Waitlist Manager and the improved Favorites tab to find the ring games you want to play, whenever you want to play them.

The Ring Game Table Finder will automatically search all of the tables at Full Tilt Poker and find you a seat at the type of game you want to play. Get started by adding your name to the waitlist at one of our ring game tables and selecting Offer me the first available seat at this type of table:

Ring Game Table Finder

This will add you to the Global Waitlist for that specific game type. Please note that you can still join the waitlist for the individual table if you prefer. Once you’re on a Global Waitlist, we’ll find you the first available seat for that game. You can also add yourself to a Global Waitlist by using the new search function in the improved Favorites tab in Standard View.

Take control of any waitlist you’ve joined by using the Waitlist Manager:

Ring Game Table Finder Waitlist Manager

You can access the Waitlist Manager from the main lobby by opening the Requests menu and selecting View my Waitlists.

Learn more about the Ring Game Table Finder.

Improved Sit & Go Registration

We’ve added new features to the Sit & Go registration process, making it easier for you to find more Sit & Go tournaments and keep track of the ones you’re already playing:

Sit & Go Registration

Check Register for another Sit & Go of this type to register for more of the same type of Sit & Go tournaments. The registration window for your next Sit & Go will automatically open once you have finished registering for the current one.

When the Registration Success message pops up, you’ll be able to add the selected Sit & Go type to the Favorites tab in Standard View:

Sit & Go Favorites Tab

Adding the Sit & Go type as a Favorite will give you quick and easy access the next time you want to play. Learn about using Advanced Filters and Favorites.

Sit & Go Player List Lobby Widget

Keep track of the players and chip counts in any single-table Sit & Go tournament by using the new Sit & Go Player List Lobby Widget:

Sit & Go Player List Lobby Widget

You can also add notes about a player through this Widget by right clicking on the player's name and selecting Player Notes.

Learn more about the Sit & Go Player List Lobby Widget.

Player Achievement Badges

Show off your accomplishments with Full Tilt Poker’s Achievement Badges. Each Badge you earn will be displayed on your avatar:

Player Achievement Badges

Earn each of the four Achievement Badges by completing challenges while playing in your favorite games. Badges are earned on a monthly basis:

  • Rush Poker* Badge – Accumulate 50 Full Tilt Points in a month by playing Rush Poker* to earn this badge
  • Full Tilt Poker Academy Badge – Complete three Full Tilt Poker Academy Challenges in a month to earn this badge
  • Iron Man Challenge Badge – Qualify for any of the Iron Man Challenge status levels in a month to earn this badge
  • True Poker Player Badge – Play any of the games available at Full Tilt Poker to earn this badge each month

Learn more about Player Achievement Badges.

Mini View

Our newest Lobby View, Mini View has all of the same great features as Standard View, but at a reduced size:

Compare/Contrast two lobby view sizes

Mini View is perfect for players who play on a small or low-resolution monitor, or who prefer the main lobby to take up less space on their screen.

Learn more about Mini View.

Tournament Registration from the Main Lobby

From now on, whenever you click the Register Now Button Widget in both Standard View and Mini View of the main lobby, the Registration window will pop-up instead of the tournament lobby. You can still access the tournament lobby by clicking the Go to Tourney Lobby Button Widget, or by double clicking on a tournament in the game list.

27th May 2010

New Lobby Color Coding

We’re making it easier for you to distinguish which games you’ve already joined. For ring games, tables you’re currently playing at will be highlighted in green in the lobby:

Lobby Color Coding - Tables you're currently playing at

Tournaments you’re currently playing in will be highlighted in green, while tournaments you’re registered for will appear in purple:

Lobby Color Coding - Tournaments you're registered for

Auto-Open Tournament Lobbies

You can now control whether or not the tournament lobby opens when a tournament begins or ends. Start by opening the Options drop-down menu at the top of the game lobby, then select Auto-Open Tournament Lobbies:

Auto-Open Tournament Lobbies

When there’s a checkmark next to Auto-Open Tournament Lobbies, this means the feature is enabled and tournament lobbies will automatically open whenever a tournament begins or ends. When there is no checkmark, the feature is disabled and tournament lobbies will not open automatically. Please note that this feature is enabled by default.

Late Registration Information

Information on how many levels of Late Registration are available for a tournament is now provided in the tournament lobby, directly under the tournament start time:

Late Registration Information

Most of our guarantee tournaments have been changed to allow Late Registration for the first hour of play.

Next Tournament Countdown Lobby Widget

Keep track of your upcoming tournaments by using the Next Tournament Countdown Lobby Widget, which displays the tournaments you are currently registered for and how much time remains until they begin:

Next Tournament Countdown Lobby Widget

Lobby Widgets are only available in Standard View of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby – click the Customize button at the bottom-right corner of the lobby to take control of your Lobby Widgets.

Learn more about the Next Tournament Countdown Lobby Widget.

Access the FTP Hand Replayer from the Game Lobby

Even if you’re not at a table, you can now access the FTP Hand Replayer to review all of the hands from your latest session. To access the FTP Hand Replayer from the game lobby, open the Requests drop-down menu at the top of the lobby, then select Last Hand History.

Access the FTP Hand Replayer from the Game Lobby

Alternatively, you can use a Hotkey to access this feature: press CTRL+H if you’re a Windows user, or Command+G if you’re a Mac user.

15th April 2010

Rush Poker* Tournaments

Experience the world’s fastest poker tournament with Rush Poker * Tournaments – available exclusively at Full Tilt Poker.

As with Rush Poker * ring games, when you play a Rush Poker* Tournament you’ll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand you play. When the final table of the tournament is reached, the tournament will switch to the “standard” tournament mode and hands will be played one at a time until the tournament is complete.

Rush Poker* Tournaments

Learn more about Rush Poker* Tournaments.

Tournament Tickets

Full Tilt Poker’s Tournament Tickets give players an extra option for buying in to their favorite Multi-Table Tournaments and Sit & Gos. Each Tournament Ticket is worth a specific buy-in amount and can be used to buy in to your chosen tournament for the face value of that ticket.

You can win Tournament Tickets through a variety of Satellites, tournaments and promotions or buy them directly in the Full Tilt Poker Store, Iron Man Challenge Store or Full Tilt Poker Academy Store.

Learn more about Tournament Tickets.

Steps Tournaments

Enter a Steps Tournament to climb through the levels and win a huge payday. The tiered structure of Steps Tournaments allows you to work your way up, step by step, to win a variety of prize packages.

Even if you don’t advance to the next step, you can stay in the game and play again - Steps Tournaments award seats at the same level or a lower level. Crack the highest level and you can turn your buy-in into a $12K WSOP** Main Event prize package.

Win your payday – one step at a time. Learn about Steps Tournaments.

2nd February 2010

Folded Card Images

Now you can see a graphic image of the cards you’ve folded by moving the cursor over your avatar.

Stack Tables

Players sitting at more than one table at a time now have another option in addition to tiling or cascading tables. Stack Tables allows you to stack one on top of the other, automatically bringing each table to the front when it’s your turn to act.

Automatic Tournament Deals Update

Instead of the chip leader automatically taking control of making deals, the Automatic Tournament Deal feature has been changed to put the player who would receive the button in the next hand in control of the deal. For more information, please see the Automatic Tournament Deals page.

New Auto Post Options

Customize your settings to allow you to automatically wait for the big blind and post the blinds once you begin to play at your favorite ring-game tables. Players can set these options by clicking on Options at the game table and then selecting Misc. In addition, all game tables that feature antes and blinds will now auto-post both, and provide you with a Sit Out Next BB checkbox.

Restore Disabled Game Popup Dialogs

You can now restore in-game messaging that was previously disabled by clicking on Options in the top navigation bar and selecting Restore Disabled Game Popup Dialogs.

19th January 2010

Rush Poker*

Rush Poker* is the world’s fastest poker game - and it’s only available at Full Tilt Poker.

Unlike a standard ring game, when you play Rush Poker* you’ll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand. When you fold, you’ll immediately be moved to a new table for your next hand. To play even faster, use the Quick Fold button to fold your hand right away – even if it’s not your turn to act.

Rush Poker* games can be found in both Basic View and Standard View of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby:

Rush Poker*

Join a Rush Poker* game today for the ultimate high-speed poker experience. Learn more about Rush Poker*.

Shallow Tables

We’ve updated the buy-in range for our ring game tables and added new Shallow Tables, which allow you to join the action for as little as 20 big blinds:

  • Shallow Tables: minimum buy-in 20 big blinds, maximum buy-in 40 big blinds
  • Standard Tables: minimum buy-in 35 big blinds, maximum buy-in 100 big blinds
  • Deep Stack Tables: minimum buy-in 75 big blinds, maximum buy-in 200 big blinds

Shallow Tables can be found in any ring game lobby. Use the ring game legend to identify the table you’re looking for:

Shallow Tables

Additional Bet Slider Options

You now have even more control over the Full Tilt Poker bet slider with our additional bet slider options. You can choose to increase or decrease your bet size by the amount of the small blind using either the mouse click action or the mouse wheel action. Plus, you can choose to invert your mouse wheel to decrease the bet amount when you rotate the wheel forward and increase the bet amount when you rotate the wheel backwards.

To change your bet slider options, click the Options button at the top right corner of any Full Tilt Poker table, then select the Slider tab:

Additional Bet Slider Options

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