Full Tilt Poker’s Ring Game Table Finder gives you quick and easy access to your favorite ring games. Use our Global Waitlists, Waitlist Manager and the improved Favorites tab in Standard View to find the ring games you want to play, whenever you want to play them.

Global Waitlists

When you join the waitlist for a ring game table at Full Tilt Poker, you’ll be offered the option of joining a Global Waitlist for that specific type of table. Once you’re on a Global Waitlist, we’ll find you the first available seat for that game.

For example, when you join the waitlist for a $1/$2 No-Limit Hold ‘em 6-Max ante table, you’ll have the option of joining the Global Waitlist for all $1/$2 No-Limit Hold ‘em 6-Max ante tables. If you join the Global Waitlist, you’ll get the first available seat at any of those tables. This means that you’ll spend less time on the waitlist, and more time playing your favorite games.

To join a Global Waitlist, start by clicking the Add Me to Waiting List button available in both the main lobby and at individual tables:

This will open the Add me to Waitlist window:

Add Me to Waiting List Window

At this point, you’ll have the option of joining the waitlist for that individual table only, or joining the Global Waitlist for that type of table. Select Offer me the first available seat at this type of table and then click OK to join the Global Waitlist.

Now you can sit back, relax and let the Ring Game Table Finder find a seat for you. You’ll receive a notice when a seat becomes available:

Notice when a seat becomes available

You'll have the option of taking a seat at the table, along with either continuing to search for more tables to play, or removing yourself from the Global Waitlist for that type of table.

The Waitlist Manager

Take control of any waitlist you’ve joined by using the Waitlist Manager. You can access the Waitlist Manager by clicking on the View my Waitlists link when you receive a table summons, or through the main lobby by opening the Requests menu and selecting View my Waitlists. Alternatively, you can use a hotkey to access the Waitlist Manager: press Ctrl+W if you’re a PC user or Command+L if you’re a Mac user.

Waitlist Manager

Use the Waitlist Manager to view, edit or remove yourself from any individual table waitlist or Global Waitlist. Check the box next to each waitlist to view the tables on those waitlists, plus open an individual table or remove it from the list.

When you click the wrench icon next to a Global Waitlist, you’ll be able to edit the search criteria the Ring Game Table Finder uses to look for tables. We’ll then find you seats at tables based on the filters you’ve selected:

Waitlist Manager Filters

If you want to remove yourself from any waitlist, click the X symbol next to the edit button:

Waitlist Manager Remove

Improved Favorites Tab

For those of you who use Standard View or Mini View of the Full Tilt Poker game lobby, the improved Favorites tab will give you even easier access to your favorite games.

Get started by clicking on the Favorites tab, located next to the Browse tab in the lobby. This will open your list of Favorites:

Along with being able to edit or delete any of your Favorites lists, you can now search for tables without having to scroll through a list to find what you’re looking for – let us do the work for you.

Press the magnifying glass icon to begin your search, which will be based on the search criteria of the Favorites list you have selected. Please note that you can search more than one list simultaneously.

Search Favorites

Select the type of tables you’d like to look for and press Search. This will add you to the Global Waitlists for all of the selected table types, and you’ll receive a notice when we’ve found a seat for you.

If you haven’t created any Favorites lists yet, click here to learn more about using Advanced Filters and Favorites. Alternatively, we’ll create a Favorites list for you based on the type of table you’re looking to play. When you join the waitlist for a table, check the Add this ring game table type as a Favorite box:

Add Favorites

This will create a Favorites list for that type of game, giving you quick and easy access the next time you’re ready to play.