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Full Tilt now offers players the chance to Run it Twice, an option that provides two outcomes for one hand by dealing community cards twice.

When players sit down at a table with Run it Twice available, they can select Run it Twice by checking the box at the bottom of the screen.

Once two players who have selected Run it Twice are all-in heads-up, the remaining community cards are dealt twice. This can be done pre-flop, post-flop, or after the turn card has been dealt. The winner of each outcome wins half of the pot.*

Run It Twice table

Where can I find Run it Twice?

Players at Full Tilt have the option of running it twice on certain No-Limit Hold ‘em, Omaha Hi and HA ring-game tables – look for the Run it Twice checkbox near the bottom of the screen.

Run It Twice check box for both table views.

Run it Twice is currently available at ring-game tables starting from $1/$2. Look for more ring-game tables where you can Run it Twice in the future.

Why Run it Twice?

When there’s a lot of action at a table, it’s easy to get involved in a pot where a player’s entire stack is committed before all of the community cards have been dealt. Instead of letting one large pot be decided by a single turn of card, players can choose to Run it Twice.

Consider the following situation as an example. A player holding Kh-Qh sees a flop of 2s-Th-Jh – a perfect drawing opportunity to a straight, a flush, or even a straight flush. However, his opponent holds As-Ac. The hand is played strongly by both players, and they end up getting all-in at that point.

Mathematically, the situation is very close to a coin toss, with the Aces a very slight favorite. In this case, Run it Twice lets players better manage the probable outcomes by dealing the turn and river a second time.