There's a lot of action at the poker table, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with your surroundings before you dive in and start playing. This page introduces you to all of the great features that are available when you sit down to play at a Full Tilt Poker table.

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Time Banks

Some decisions are harder than others. Making big calls and big lay-downs often takes time, even for the world’s best players - and in poker, time doesn’t wait for anyone.

Until now.

Our new Time Banks give you extra time when you need it, so you can give your toughest decisions the time they deserve.

Using Time Banks

Using your time bank is simple – when the colored bar in your pod begins to count down, indicating that you are almost out of time, just click on the “Time” button that appears above the betting slider on the lower right of the table window.

After you click the “Time” button, the colored bar will continue to count down. When the bar disappears, you begin using the time from your time bank, and the total time you have left to make a decision will be displayed.

Your time bank will activate automatically if you make a voluntary contribution to the pot. For example:

  • You call or raise pre-flop
  • You are the big blind, check pre-flop and then bet or call on the flop

You have not made a voluntary contribution to the pot when:

  • You are the big blind and you haven’t acted yet
  • You are the big blind, check pre-flop and then check on the flop

You’ll also be able to tell when your opponents are using time from their time banks. A black box will appear in the time bank spot, showing how much time they have left to act.

How Much Time Do I Get?

You get a separate time bank for every table that you have open. The amount of time available in each time bank varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • How long you have been seated at the table – the longer you’re seated, the more time you get
  • Whether you are playing in a ring game or tournament, and
  • The table at which you’re playing

It’s a Time Bank – Can I Make a Deposit?

You can’t buy time or add it manually, but the amount of time in your time bank increases with every hand you play. It also increases after every tournament break, and you get an extra amount when you reach the final table of a tournament.

Disconnect Time Bank

Not all Internet connections are created equal.

That’s why we’ve added a Disconnect Time Bank that provides extra protection against dropped connections.

Whenever our server detects that you have been disconnected, it will automatically inform the other players through the table chat window. Then, when you reach the end of your allotted decision time, your Disconnect Time Bank is displayed to other players and begins counting down.

Your Disconnect Time Bank will continue to count down until you reconnect to the game and take an action. If you do not reconnect to the game and take action before your disconnect time runs out, your hand will be folded.

You are allowed 90 seconds of total disconnect time per 24-hour period.

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Resizable Tables

Want to make your Full Tilt Poker table smaller so you can play more games on a single monitor? Or, would you prefer to stretch your game to cover your entire screen so you don't miss a single second of the action?

Now you can do both, thanks to our resizable tables.

Using Resizable Tables

Adjusting the size of your Full Tilt Poker tables couldn't be easier. Just grab any corner of your table to make them bigger or smaller, based on your needs.

Save Custom Layout

Once you've configured your tables the way you want, you shouldn't have to do it again. That's why we've given you the ability to save up to five different custom layouts.

After you have laid out your tables the way you would like them to appear on your screen, click the "Layout" button on the top right of any open table, and then select "Manage Custom Layouts".

Select one of the five slots and name the layout you want to save (e.g., laptop or dual monitors), and then click on "Save Current Layout".

After you have saved your layouts, you may choose which one you want to use by returning the Manage Custom Layouts screen and choosing it from your list. After highlighting your preferred layout, simply click on "Apply Layout" to make it active.

You may also rename or delete any of your custom layouts at any time by highlighting them in the Manage Custom Layouts screen, and clicking the corresponding action button.

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Title Bar

The title bar shows the name of the table, the table limit, the game being played, and your player name. If you do not see "Logged In As" followed by your player name, you can observe the game, but you cannot play.

Title Bar

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Sitting Down at a Table

If you want to start playing in a ring game, just click on any empty seat to sit down, then click the Play Now button to be dealt into the next hand. Your blinds and/or antes will be automatically posted for you. If you do not click the Play Now button, you will not be dealt into a hand until it’s your turn to post the big blind.

By default, when you sit at a table it will be rotated such that you appear at the bottom center of the screen. If you would like to rotate the table so that you appear in another position, right-click on one of the other players or empty seats and select "Put Me Here".

You can also select your preferred seat at different types of tables by clicking “Options” (see below) and selecting the Preferred Seat tab. You can choose where you prefer to be seated at Full Ring, 6-Max and Heads-Up tables.

If you have chosen to view avatars, you can change your avatar's emotion by right-clicking on it. The default is Normal. To change that, right-click and choose one of the other expressions. You can be Happy, Angry, or Confused.

After you're seated at a table, you'll see even more features designed specifically to make your game play more enjoyable. Some of the things to look for include:

  • Countdown timers on each pod give you a clear visual warning as to when you're running out of time to act - when you have 15 seconds left, your timer will begin moving from right to left, changing from green to red
  • A total pot display on the table so you can quickly determine how much has already been committed to the pot before you decide to act
  • A slider bar in the betting window to help you more easily determine the amount you want to wager

Your Seat

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"Get Chips", "Last Hand", and "Stand Up"

"Get Chips" - Click this button to add to or replenish your chips. This button is not active unless you are seated at a table.

"Last Hand" - This button brings up the Last Hand History window, which shows the last hand played. Here you can view all the hands that have been played since you opened the table, up to the last 50 hands.

"Stand Up" - Click this button to stand up from the table. Note that you cannot stand up if you are involved in a hand. This button is not active unless you are seated at a table.

'Get Chips', 'Last Hand', and 'Stand Up'

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“Play Another” and Heads-Up “Add Table”

Use the following options to open additional tables when you are playing ring games and Sit & Gos.

Click the +Table button at ring game and Sit & Go tables – or press Ctrl+’ (Command+’ on Mac) – and we’ll automatically seat you at a ring game table or Sit & Go of the same type.

Open additional tables

To open another Heads-Up ring game table or Heads-Up Sit & Go against the same opponent tick the “Add a Table” checkbox. Once both players have ticked the checkbox, a new table will be opened automatically.

Add a table

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"Options", "Lobby", and "Stats"

"Options" - Click this button to bring up the Options dialog box. This dialog allows you to make choices about how the table will be displayed – including the style of the card deck, avatar display, and chat options – as well as adjust your gameplay settings and general preferences. For example, you can mute chat, change the color of your cards, or set your buy-in preferences.

"Lobby"- Click this button to bring the lobby to the front of your display. If you are seated at a tournament table, this button will bring up the tournament lobby.

"Stats"- This button opens the Hand Statistics window, which provides statistics about your play. These statistics are calculated from the beginning of your current playing session across all instances of the same game type, e.g., Hold 'em, Omaha, Stud or Draw.

'Options', 'Lobby' and 'Stats'

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"Fold To Any Bet", "Sit Out", and "Sit Out Next BB"

These three options are only available when you are seated at a table.

"Fold To Any Bet" - This option is only available when you are involved in a hand. Click the checkbox if you do not want to call any bets when the action gets to you.

"Sit Out Next Hand" - Click this checkbox if you would like to sit out of the next hand. When you select this option, a "Deal Me In" button appears in the lower right corner of the table window. You will not be dealt any more hands until you click "Deal Me In" or uncheck the "Sit Out Next Hand" checkbox.

"Sit Out Next BB" – Check this option if you would like to sit out when the big blind next reaches you. When the big blind reaches you, the “Sit Out Next Hand” checkbox will be ticked and a "Deal Me In" button appears in the lower right corner of the table window. You will not be dealt any more hands until you click "Deal Me In" or uncheck the "Sit Out Next Hand" checkbox.

Sit Out Next BB

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Playing Hands

When it's your turn to act in a hand, blue buttons appropriate to the action will appear in the lower right corner of the game window. For example, if you are the first to bet, you will be offered the choices of folding, betting the minimum, or raising. In addition, the buttons also inform you of the amounts required to make those bets.

In Pot-Limit and No-Limit games, in addition to the betting buttons, a slider appears that allows you to choose within a permitted range of bets. If you want to raise by an amount not specified on the betting buttons, you can use the slider to specify an amount.

You can also type in a bet amount, as long as that bet meets the minimum bet requirements - e.g., a raise must be at least twice the previous bet.

Rather than typing out the full amount you wish to bet into the bet size box, you can use abbreviations to speed up the process. Use the characters “k”/”K”, “m”/”M” and “b”/”B” to indicate “thousand”, “million” and “billion” respectively. For example, to make a bet of 1,500,000, you can type “1.5m” instead of “1500000”. Similarly, to make a bet of 24,700, you can type “24.7K” instead of “24700”.

The predefined bet sizes above the slider can be customized in the Options dialog. Select Table Options, then Custom Bet Buttons. Configure the default multipliers for the buttons by selecting a value from the dropdown menu or by typing directly into the box. Pre-Flop multipliers are in Big Blinds and Post-Flop multipliers are a percentage of the pot size.

Advance Action Checkboxes

There are many times when you know what you're going to do before the action reaches you. You can speed up the game in these situations by using the advance action checkboxes, which appear in the space normally occupied by the betting buttons. For example, you can specify that you will call the current bet or fold when it becomes your turn.

When you select the Check/Fold option (Check/Quick Fold at Rush Poker tables) and the action is checked to you, your hand will be checked as normal. The Check/Fold option will stay activated, and if a player makes a bet behind you, your hand will be folded when it is your turn to act (or Quick Folded at Rush Poker tables) without further action.

Betting Buttons

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Chat Box

The chat box displays comments from players, observers, and the dealer, along with messages from Full Tilt Poker. You can choose what type of comments you would like to see by selecting the "Options" button within the table window. There, you can specify whether or not you would like to see player chat or observer chat, as well as the level of dealer commentary that you prefer.

Within the chat box, chat by Full Tilt Poker pros appears in red, player chat appears in blue, and observer chat appears in brown. Dealer comments appear in black, while messages from Full Tilt Poker appear in green. To write a comment, simply type into the comment field and press "Enter".

Detaching (Undocking) and Docking the Chat Box

You can keep the chat box docked within the table window or open it as a separate window. When the chat box is docked, it always appears in the lower left corner of the table window.

If you want to undock the chat box so that you can resize it and move it around, click the pushpin to the right of the chat box. To return the chat box to its docked position, click the pushpin again, or just close the free-floating chat box window.

Locking the Text

If many people are chatting at once, the text in the chat box may scroll by too quickly for you to read. When the chat box is undocked, you can prevent the text from scrolling by clicking the Scroll Lock checkbox. To allow the chat to flow normally again, just unclick the checkbox.

Chat Box

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Player Interaction

By right-clicking on a player at your table, you can choose to ignore that's player's chat or attach a note to identify that player in the future. To ignore the player's chat, select "Muted" from the pop-up selection box.

To add a note to a player, select "Player Notes". In the Player Notes window, you can type comments about the player and choose a color to associate with that player. That color will appear on the corner of the player's pod. You can resize the comment box for more typing room.

You can quickly add a color code to a player by choosing your desired highlighting.

When you have saved notes for a player, you will see those notes when you hover the mouse cursor over the player.

Player Interaction

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Racetrack View

Sometimes, changing your perspective makes all the difference. That's why Full Tilt Poker now allows you to view your game two ways, by letting you choose between our classic table and our new racetrack table views. The racetrack option provides a direct overhead view of the table instead of our traditional three-quarter view.

advanced options

The first time you open a table, you will be presented with the option to choose the classic or racetrack view. In addition, you can select whether or not you wish to see player avatars. Below is an image of this dialog box.

After you've made your initial selection, you can still change it by clicking on "Options," either from within a table window or in the main lobby. Note that your selection will apply to every table you sit at while you're playing at Full Tilt Poker.

Like our classic view, the racetrack perspective offers you the option to turn avatars on and off, and to choose from a variety of new table backgrounds, including rich carpets, wooden floors, marble tiles, and stainless steel. You can easily change your table background by right-clicking on the table and selecting the background you prefer.

In the racetrack view, you will notice that the advanced actions box (with settings for "Fold to Any Bet", "Sit Out Next Hand", and "Sit Out Next BB") has moved to the bottom center of the screen for easy access.

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Changing the Table Background

You have a choice of several different backgrounds for your table. To change the background at your table, right-click anywhere on the table or the background, and then click your preference in the dialog that appears.

Changing the Table Background

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Leaving a Table

To leave a game when you are seated, just close the table window. To ensure that you do not leave a table by mistake, you will be asked to confirm that you want to leave. If you are playing in a tournament and you close your table window, your blinds will be automatically posted and your hands will be folded to any bet.

Leaving a game

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