It's time to deliver a knockout blow.

We're proud to introduce Knockout Bounty Tournaments. Everyone loves to knock another player out of a tournament. Now you can get paid for it.

Here's how it works - Knockout Bounty tournaments will follow the same rules as standard tournaments, except that the buy-in will be split between contributing to the prize pool and creating a bounty on each player. For example, a Knockout Bounty tournament with a buy-in of $10 + $1 will have $8 going to the prize pool and $2 as a bounty on each player. When you knock a player out of a tournament, the bounty money will be immediately credited to your account and the following message will appear:

Knockout Bounty

All you have to do is look out for tournaments with the K symbol next to them in the Tournament Lobby:

Knockout Bounty

Take extra pleasure in knocking out your opponents. Play in a Knockout Bounty tournament and get paid for more than just finishing in the money. Go for a knockout blow today!