Matrix Tournaments - Details

Full Tilt Poker’s Matrix Tournaments are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced; when you enter a nine-player Matrix 4x Sit & Go Tournament -

  • You’ll play the same 8 players on 4 different tables simultaneously
  • There is a Sit & Go prize pool for each table
  • Your overall performance will also be scored and paid out from a Matrix Tournament prize pool

How It Works

In a nine-player Sit & Go, you face eight opponents and play down to the final player. It’s the same in a nine-player Matrix tournament, except that you’ll face the exact same eight opponents on four different tables simultaneously. Each individual table will play down to the last player, with the final three places at each table paying out just like a Sit & Go. In a Matrix Tournament, the standard prize pool will be broken down to include payment for overall performance as well.

Prize Pool and Scoring

Matrix Tournaments

In the case of a nine-person, $10 + $1 Matrix tournament, the total prize pool will be $90. This is divided evenly into a prize pool for each of the four tables and the overall Matrix prize pool:

Matrix Tournaments

Individual Tables

Each individual table will pay out for the final three positions, just like a normal Sit & Go. In the case of a nine-player, $10 + $1 Matrix tournament, each individual table will have an $18 prize pool, paying out $9, $5.40, and $3.60 for 1st through 3rd places, respectively.


Players will earn one Matrix point for each opponent they outlast (Survival Points) and two points for every player they knockout at each table (Knockout Points). Each player’s points for individual tables will be listed by match under SCORE BY MATCH in the Tournament Lobby. Total points for the entire tournament will be listed under MATRIX SCORE.

Matrix Score

Point totals for a player’s Matrix score will also be listed in the tournament lobby in three categories:

  • Earned: this is the combined total of Survival Points and Knockout Points from each of a player’s four tables
  • Max: this is the maximum number of points that can be achieved if a player earns every remaining Knockout Point and Survival Point on each of the tables where they are still playing
  • Projected: this is the estimated total Matrix score for a player and the best way to see where they stand at that moment

Please see the Matrix rules page for more details on Matrix scoring.

The Dominatrix

Prove your poker supremacy by claiming victory at all four tables and become the Dominatrix. If you have the skills to take down all four tables you’ll be rewarded not only with the top prize for winning each individual table, you’ll scoop the entire Matrix prize pool!

How to Register

Follow these steps to register for a Matrix tournament:

  1. Open the Full Tilt Poker game software
  2. Click the "Sit & Go" tab
  3. Click the "All" or "Matrix" tabs in the Sit & Go lobby and look for tournaments with the “M” symbol next to them
  4. Find the Matrix tournament of your choice and click the blue “Register Now” button

When you’re ready for the next generation in tournament action, enter the Matrix.