Matrix Tournaments – Rules

Table Limits

In order to play in a Matrix Tournament, you must be able to open five table windows at the time of registration – one for each of the four tables that you will play and one for the Matrix Tournament lobby.

If this exceeds the number of tables that you are able to open, you’ll need to close some of your other tables that are open in order to ensure that all four Matrix Tournament tables can open. If you would like to have your table limits increased, contact

Projected Score in Detail

In the event that a Matrix Tournament is cancelled prior to completion, players will be paid out according to their position as indicated by chip ranking (per Tournament Rule 31.7). The Matrix Prize Pool is awarded to the top three positions according to the Projected Matrix Score at the time the tournament is cancelled. The method for calculating this score combines the following three elements:

  • The current number of Earned points; this is the Knockout Points and Survival Points that have already been awarded
  • Projected Knockout Points are awarded as follows: 2 projected KO Points for every Match a player is still active in; the player in last place loses the 2 points and they are awarded to the player in first place instead (who now gets 4 KO Points)
  • Projected Survival Points are awarded as follows: 1 projected Survival Point for every opponent with fewer chips in each Match a player is active in; in the case of a tie, projected Survival Points are added together and divided equally among those tied


Because the Matrix Prize Pool is awarded based on a player's finishing position on all four tables, deal-making is expressly prohibited in these tournaments. If players are found to have made a deal, they will forfeit their share of the prize pool, which will then be awarded to the next eligible player(s).