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Give yourself multiple chances to make a big tournament score with Multi-Entry Tournaments, a unique tournament format exclusive to Full Tilt Poker.

How it Works

Multi-Entry Tournaments allow you to register for the same tournament numerous times, meaning you can “multi-table” a single tournament!

Each of your entries in a Multi-Entry Tournament will have its own chip stack and be dealt its own hand. You can register multiple entries at the same time, or use additional entries as a “second chance” if your first entry is eliminated from the tournament in the early stages of play.

Your entries will always be seated at different tables, and if you have more entries than there are tables left in the tournament, two of your entries will be “merged” into one.

Getting Started

Multi-Entry Tournaments are available in a variety of different tournament formats, including Rush Poker, Knockout and Rebuy variants.

To find a Multi-Entry Tournament, look for tournaments identified with the following icon in the game list:

Multiple Entry Tournament Game List

Once you’ve found the tournament you’d like to play, open the tournament lobby and click the Register Now button. You can select the number of entries you’d like to register for the tournament in the buy-in screen:

Multiple Entry Tournament Buy-in

When the tournament starts, game play proceeds as it would in any standard tournament at Full Tilt Poker, except that you have more than one life to live!

Keeping Track of Your Entries

While at the table, you can check the status of any of your entries by clicking the Tourney Info button:

Multiple Entry Tournament Tourney Info

Alternatively, you can open the tournament lobby and then check the “Show My Entrants” box above the player list to display only your entries for that tournament:

Multiple Entry Tournament Show My Entrants

Entry Mergers

Because two of your entries cannot be seated at the same table, if you have more entries than there are tables left in the tournament, two of your entries will merge together. When an entry merger takes place, whichever entry is being moved from a broken table will be merged with your entry that has the smallest stack.

For example, say you have three entries and there are three tables left in a Multi-Entry Tournament. One table breaks, so your entry from that table will merge with your entry with the smallest stack and the chips for both of those entries will be combined into one stack.

Your avatar will flash “MERGE” to let you know when an entry merger takes place:

Multiple Entry Tournament MERGE

A pop-up will also appear for all players seated at the table to inform them of the merger:

Multiple Entry Tournament MERGE Popup

For more information on entry merger rules, and general Multi-Entry Tournament game play, please see the Multi-Entry Tournaments FAQ.

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