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Rebuy Tournaments

Unlike standard freeze-out tournaments, rebuy events offer you the chance to keep on playing, even if you've lost all of the chips in your original stack. This variation can lead to some truly exciting play and some very large prize pools.

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Below, please find information on how to play in our rebuy tournaments.

Getting Started

Registering for a rebuy tournament is no different than any other tournament at Full Tilt Poker, and you will start with the same number of chips you would normally have in any other event.

The initial buy-ins for rebuy tournaments are no different than in other tournaments.


All rebuy tournaments have what is known as "the rebuy period." Typically, this period lasts until the sixth round of blind level increases or the tournament hits the money, whichever is reached first. Once that time period has ended, you may no longer rebuy and the tournament plays like any normal freeze-out.

You may rebuy at any time during this period, providing your chip stack is at or below the tournament threshold.

During the rebuy period, there may be a fixed number of rebuys available, or an unlimited number, depending on the tournament structure. The number of chips you receive for your rebuy will also vary, depending on the tournament rules. You will not be charged a fee to rebuy.


At the end of the rebuy period, you may be offered the option to add on to your chip stack. You may purchase an add-on, regardless of your chip count at the time the add-on period begins.

The number of chips you receive for an add-on will depend on the tournament structure, and players will have no additional opportunities to purchase additional chips once the add-on period has ended.

Auto Rebuys and Auto Add-Ons

If your chip stack falls to zero during the rebuy period, you can use our Auto Rebuy feature to automatically buy back into the tournament.

  • The auto rebuy feature may be selected or de-selected at any time during the rebuy period
  • Auto rebuys will not be permitted if you do not have enough funds in your player account to cover the cost of a rebuy

In some tournaments, you will also have the option to perform an auto max rebuy, which will allow you to perform the maximum number of rebuys available, provided you have sufficient funds in your player account.

An Auto Add-On feature is also available. Select this option to automatically purchase your add-on during the add-on period, provided you have sufficient funds in your player account.

You can enable the Auto Rebuy and Auto Add-On features for every rebuy/add-on tournament you play by clicking the Options button at the table, going to the “Misc” tab and then selecting the Auto Rebuy by Default and Auto Add-On by Default options.

Note that many of the rules described above are "typical" or "normal" for rebuy tournaments. The exact details for each tournament will be posted in the tournament's lobby.