Account Security

We maintain the most up-to-date security measures to ensure that every player’s personal information is always protected. For players seeking further account security, we now offer two methods of additional authentication: Login with PIN and Login with Security Token.

Additional Authentication

All players must submit their Stars ID and Password to log in to their Stars Account. By choosing to use Login with PIN or Login with Security Token, a second step – additional authentication – is added to the login process.

With each of these methods, a unique number is generated as an additional “code” that is required to log in to your Stars Account. By requiring this additional proof of identity, another layer of security is added to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Login with PIN

A Stars PIN is a six digit number that is issued by Full Tilt. Once a Stars PIN is set for your account, you will be required to enter your Stars PIN number by clicking on an on-screen keypad, every time you login.

Learn about using Login with PIN to further secure your Stars Account.

Login with Security Token

A Security Token is a piece of hardware that produces a dynamic six-digit security code. That code is used in addition to your Stars ID and Password to access your Stars Account.

Learn about using Login with Security Token hardware to further secure your Stars Account.