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The Login with Security Key Mobile Phone Application provides you with a six-digit security code via your mobile phone. This code is used in addition to your User ID and Password to access your Full Tilt Poker account.

Login with Security Key Mobile Phone Application

Once you’ve downloaded and activated this application, you’ll be required to enter this number after logging in with your User ID and Password. Because the number changes automatically every 30 seconds, this provides additional protection against unauthorized access to your account.

Once you order the Mobile Application from the Full Tilt Poker Store, you can set up the Login with Security Keys Mobile Application as follows:

  • Log in to your Full Tilt Poker account
  • In the Game Lobby, open the Security menu and select Additional Authentication

Game Lobby

This will take you to the Account Security page where you will be led step-by-step through the download and activation process for the Login with Security Key Mobile Phone Application.

For further information, please see our Login with Mobile Key - FAQ.