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Full Tilt Poker’s Tournament Tickets give you another option for buying in to your favorite games, from micro level Sit & Gos to high-stakes tournaments. Each Tournament Ticket that you win or buy is worth a specific buy-in amount. You can use each ticket to buy in to your chosen tournament for the face value of that Tournament Ticket. You can win Tournament Tickets through a wide range of Satellites, tournaments and promotions or buy them directly with Full Tilt Points.

Please see below to find out how you can buy Tournament Tickets.

Win Tournament Tickets

Tournament Tickets are awarded in designated Multi-Table Tournaments, Sit & Gos, and Satellite tournaments. To find tournaments that award Tournament Tickets, log in to your Full Tilt Poker account and follow these steps:

  1. In the game lobby, click on the Options tab, choose Lobby View and select Standard View.
  2. Select Tournaments in the Browse area.
  3. Select the type of tournament that you are looking for, or choose All to view all available tournament types.
  4. Select the game, type and stakes that you want to play.

Once you’ve set these filters, scroll through tournaments in the Main Lobby to find your tournament. Click on that tournament and select Go to Tourney Lobby and check the Prizes/Structure box for payout structures awarding Tournament Tickets.

Tournament Lobby

Track Tournament Tickets

You can keep track of your Tournament Ticket details, including value and expiration date, by clicking on the Requests menu in the Lobby and selecting Check my Ticket Balance. Alternatively, you can open the Ticket Balance window by clicking on the red Cashier button and selecting View Tickets. Your Tournament Ticket may also have a start date; if it does, this will be displayed in the Notes column of the Ticket Balance window and your ticket will become valid after this date.

Track Tournament Tickets

Register with Tournament Tickets

You can use your Tournament Tickets to buy in to Multi-Table Tournaments, Sit & Gos as well as Full Tilt Poker’s biggest promotions.

To find a tournament into which you can buy using your tickets, open the Ticket Balance window, select the Tournament Ticket tab and click on a ticket. The games list at the bottom of the Ticket Balance window will show the upcoming tournaments for which you can use the ticket. Use the appropriate buttons to register for the tournament or open the lobby.

Alternatively, you can select a suitable tournament via the Browse area of the game lobby. Click on your tournament of choice and select Go to Tourney Lobby. Next to Buy-In at the top of the Tournament Lobby, click on Tournament Ticket.

Register with Tournament Tickets

Click Register on the Tournament Tickets Accepted for Buy-In screen.

Tournament Tickets Accepted

Select the Tournament Ticket that you would like to use for the tournament buy-in by clicking on the box next to that ticket.

Your use of some Tournament Tickets may be restricted based on the version of our gaming software you are logged into. For example, certain tickets may be unusable while you are logged into our mobile application, while others may be restricted if you are logged into the desktop version of our software. Any restrictions will be indicated by individual ticket names.

Tournament Ticket Buy-In

Please note that to use Tournament Tickets to buy in to MTTs or Sit & Gos, they must be equal in value to the buy-in amount of the MTT or Sit & Go that you wish to enter.

Buy Tournament Tickets

Full Tilt Poker also gives players the opportunity to buy Tournament Tickets directly. Take advantage of your hard work at the tables by purchasing your tickets in the Full Tilt Poker Store

For more information on Tournament Tickets, please see the Tournament Tickets FAQ page.