Lucky 21

Play Blackjack to win a cash reward worth up to $1,000 every day

We’re adding extra value to our Blackjack games and you could win a free cash reward worth up to $1,000 by completing a ‘Lucky 21’ Challenge.

How to take part:

1. Opt-in every day

Opt-in for your Lucky 21 Challenge via your Challenge Window. Access your Challenge Window by logging in to your Stars Account. Any bets made prior to opting in will not count towards this offer.

Start Challenge

2. Complete your ‘Lucky 21’ Challenge

Collect points by playing Blackjack and beating the dealer - the better your winning hands, the more points you’ll get. Collect 210 points to complete the Challenge.

You can find details of how to earn points, and track your progress at all times, via your Challenge Window.

3. Get your cash reward

Once you have completed your Challenge you will receive your prize, which will be awarded at random according to the probabilities below:

Cash Reward (USD)Probability
$1,000 0.05%
$100 0.10%
$50 0.20%
$25 0.50%
$10 2.00%
$5 12.15%
$2.50 40.00%
$1 45.00%

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If you have any questions about the Lucky 21 promotion, please contact Support.