Online Poker Strategy

Online Poker is like sex: everyone thinks they’re great at it, but most people aren’t. Also, it helps if you have a good hand.

We can’t help with the other thing, but if you want a quick and dirty primer on how to get your poker game out of the muck, you’ve come to the right place. This page features some general poker strategy and advice, with some simple but effective tips and tricks that are useful for both novice and not-so-novice poker players.

The basics of online poker

It doesn’t work if you just dive right in when you fancy a bit of slap and tickle; the same applies to online poker. You need to know the basics of how to play online poker before you can devise a poker strategy. Here’s a quick overview plus some links to pages that’ll help you get going.

  • Hand Rankings - How many digits on a human hand? By a crazy coincidence there are also 5 cards in a poker hand. Get more pearls of wisdom like that over on our Hand Rankings page.
  • Poker Rules – We don’t like it, but we all need rules and poker would definitely be a pretty rubbish game without them. Read up on Poker Rules here.
  • Poker Games – If you think poker is just plain old poker, you need to look at our Poker Games page to get clued in on how to play poker variants.

Poker Tips and Tactics

There are three basic pillars of online poker strategy that you can apply to almost every poker game to give yourself a boost over your hapless opponents:

  • Play tight: be prepared to fold most hands and be selective with those you choose to bet.
  • Play aggressively: betting and raising is often better than checking and calling.
  • Play in position: the fewer players who act after you do, the better your advantage.

Poker Strategy to Ponder

Results aren’t all that

The frustrating, beautiful, maddening thing about online poker is that you can play absolutely terribly and still win. Or you can put on a total masterclass and still lose. Luck is a fickle mistress like that.

That means that it’s really important to try and separate your results from your play – sure, you raked in a boatload of cash, but did you get it by being an absolute moron and being saved by the river? Win or lose, you should focus on making the best decisions and know that the money will come your way in time.

Don’t go mental, that’s not a good Poker Strategy

Because of the above, it’s pretty easy to Hulk out at the table when you lose with the better hand or because a terrible player shows up with cards that any reasonable person would have folded long ago. It’s just a part of the game, but it doesn’t feel like it – you deserve to win; you have aces!

The best advice is to try and keep your cool. Remember what you just read – results aren’t the be-all and end-all; all that matters is playing as well as you can (no matter how many donkeys get there on the river).

Beyond the basics. How to play tight

Playing tight, being aggressive and keeping a cool head make for a holy trinity of poker prowess. Now what? They say poker takes hours to learn and a lifetime to master, so you won’t be short of new techniques and tactics to add to your arsenal. 

Besides knowing which hands to play and when, a myriad of strategic decisions await you. You need to learn to recognise betting patterns, discern ranges of hands, and generally make like Kenny Rogers and know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

Have fun

Online poker is a (great) game. Games are fun. So have fun.