Mobile Support & FAQ

How to Download Mobile Poker and other Apps

Where and how can I get your Mobile Poker and other Apps?

Getting Started on Mobile

What devices are supported? Does Mobile Poker work on all Android devices? Are the Mobile applications free? Do I need a data plan (internet) to use the Mobile Apps?

Mobile Connection Issues

I cannot connect to the internet, what should I do?

Getting Started on Mobile Poker

How do I create an account or register to play using the Mobile Poker App? What connection do I need? Where can I play? Can I play poker for real money with your Mobile Poker? Can I play Zoom poker games on Mobile? How many Zoom tables can I play? How do I ‘Fold & Watch’ in a Zoom hand? Why can't I see my images on Zoom tables? What Languages can I play in?

Mobile Playing Experience & App Features

How do I upload an image? What is the search option for? Can I deposit or withdraw real money using the Mobile Poker application? How do I reload play money? Why do I get asked for my location? Are there any features currently unavailable on the Mobile Poker application? What are the differences between games available on Mobile Poker and those on the computer-based software? If I use the 'Contact Support' feature, can you reply to an email address other than my registered email address? Can I change the Registered Email address using the Mobile Poker application? How does the 'Play Now' feature work? Can I multi-table? Can I request hand histories of the hands I have played? Can I continue playing my game if I switch from one device to another? How do I switch from computer to Mobile or from Mobile to computer?

Mobile Poker Security

My mobile was stolen – what should I do? Do I need to block my Stars Account? How secure is playing with on your Mobile Poker application?

Connection Issues

Will I experience lag or disconnections while playing poker on my mobile device? What happens if I answer a phone call while playing? Or click the Home button to send Mobile Poker to the background?

Technical Information

Which connection is better, Wi-Fi or 3G?

Contacting Mobile Support

Where can I send feedback or suggestions?

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