Online Draw Poker - Reshuffling the Deck

In online draw poker games, it's possible there will be more cards needed than are available in the deck. When all of the original 52 cards from the deck have been distributed, any folded or discarded cards may be reshuffled and used for a draw.

The rules for reshuffling the deck in draw poker games are as follows:

  • During a draw round, the remainder of the original deck is first distributed to the players in the order in which they discarded
  • If there are insufficient cards remaining in the original deck during a draw round, a reshuffle is required
  • For the first draw or games with only one draw: the deck is reshuffled using the folded cards first, and then the discards if necessary
  • For the subsequent draw rounds: the deck is reshuffled using the folded cards and discards from previous draw rounds first, and then the discards from the current round if necessary

For example: in a 5-Card Draw game with six players dealt into the hand, each player receives five pocket cards, leaving a total of 22 cards remaining in the original deck. A round of betting ensues, and only one player folds their hand.

During the draw round, three players discard five cards apiece, while the other two players discard four cards apiece. This means that 23 cards are required for the draw, while only 22 cards remain in the original deck.

In this case, the players who were first to act during the draw round will receive the remainder of the cards from the original deck, while the player who was last to act will receive any cards remaining from the original deck plus a card from the reshuffled folded pile.