Online Horse (Mixed Game) Poker

If you want to flex your muscle at a range of poker games, why not give our mixed games a try? HORSE is one of the most well-known mixed game variants in poker, and you can play it at Full Tilt. HORSE is an acronym for five different poker games:

Playing HORSE

In HORSE, the game type changes with each orbit, or round. It starts with Fixed Limit Hold’em, then Omaha Hi/Lo, and so on in the order listed above. If you begin the hand as the big blind playing Hold’em, by the time your next big blind comes along you’ll switch to Omaha Hi/Lo. Once the round of Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo is finished, the game changes back to Fixed Limit Hold’em and the cycle repeats. If you’re unsure which game is currently being played, just look at the top border of the table window. Or look at the table itself.

When the game changes from Omaha Hi/Lo to Razz, the button freezes. This means that, when the game eventually changes back to Hold’em, nobody skips the blinds or pays extra.

Every game in HORSE is Fixed Limit. There aren’t any Pot Limit or No Limit games. All limits remain the same throughout the game rotation. For example, $5/$10 Fixed Limit Hold’em is followed by $5/$10 Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, and so on.


HORSE lets you build up skills at multiple poker games. And it helps keep things fresh, rather than playing just one game in a session. Make sure you’re comfortable with each individual game first, then give HORSE a go.

Learn How to Play HORSE for Free

If you’re not used to HORSE, it might be a good idea to try it for free first. To do this, you can play at our free poker tables. This will let you get to grips with the format before making the jump to real money poker.

If you’ve got a taste for mixed game variants, we have plenty more available. You can have a go at our Hold’em/Omaha mix. Or try our 8-Game Mix. They’re both available in the tournaments section. And they offer a refreshing change of pace from regular Texas Hold’em.

We offer the greatest range of poker games available online, including:

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