Our Special Features

We are a different kind of Internet poker room. All online cardrooms offer Texas Hold’em and other standard poker games like Omaha and Stud, but we also feature world-class poker software and service. Some of the other special features which distinguish us from the rest of the poker rooms on the Internet are outlined below. These are just a few of the offerings which make our cardroom the best in the galaxy.

Special Features Sections

  1. Languages
  2. Table Themes
  3. Hand Replayer and Instant Hand History
  4. Easy Seat for Ring Games
  5. Auto-Buy-In for Ring Games
  6. Session Options
  7. Time Tournaments
  8. Run It Twice
  9. Views for Ring Game Lobbies
  10. Graphical Preview for Ring Games
  11. Zoom
  12. Hotkeys


You can choose whether to play and receive emails in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Japanese, and more.

View and change your language preferences

Table Themes

Choose from our many different themes and colour schemes to make your table look the way you want.
Visit the Themes page for more information on our themes.

You can also choose a different background and felt colour for each table with full table customization. To switch between silver and red, black and blue, or any other colour combination you fancy, just right-click on the background or table of any game you have open to select your chosen color scheme.

View available themes and change theme

Hand Replayer and Instant Hand History

It's now easier than ever to review your play or check to see what your opponent called you with on a previous hand. The ‘Hand Replayer’ allows you to instantly watch past hands by clicking on the clicking on the ‘Table’ menu in the top left corner and select ‘Instant Hand History’ to open the Hand History Panel. If on desktop you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + I and view your hand histories from the current session in text form.

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Playing History’ (desktop) or ‘More’ > ‘Settings & Tools’ > ‘Requests’ (mobile) to see your history.

Get your hand history

Easy Seat for Ring Games

Easy Seat transforms the experience of starting a multi-tabling session. Once you set up your Easy Seat preferences you will be able to launch your sessions with just a single click from the main lobby.

Once started, Easy Seat will automatically look for free seats at tables that match your criteria. If there aren't enough free seats; Easy Seat will add you to suitable waiting lists. For example, if you specify that you want to play 18 fast tables of $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em, the Easy Seat system will seat you at 18 tables as fast as possible.

Easy Seat can also help maintain your desired number of tables. If you enable 'Session Mode', when tables close Easy Seat will open new ones to keep you at your desired number.

Auto-Buy-In for Ring Games

Auto-Buy-In allows you to instantly buy in after left-clicking Seat Open without any intermediate steps. Simply set up your buy-in preferences once, and the next time you sit at a table you will automatically buy-in. Auto Buy-In can be set up by selecting 'Settings' > ‘Buy-In / Rebuy >'Auto-Buy-In (Cash Games)' (desktop only).. You can choose the number of ‘big bets’ you want to buy-in for on all Fixed Limit tables, and the number of ‘big blinds’ to buy-in for on various types of No Limit, Pot Limit and Mixed Limit tables. Want to buy in as an exception for a different amount? Simply right-click 'Seat Open' and the traditional buy-in dialog will appear.

Go to the Auto-Buy-In menu

Session Options

We offer an integrated platform that easily allows you to manage your state during a session. When you are playing, you will see a small icon on each of your tables that gives you easy access to the ‘Session Options’ menu. From there you can sit out on all tables, sit out the next big blind on all tables, resume play on all tables that you are sitting out on, and also end your session gracefully by selecting to sit out the next big blind on all tables and close them.

Time Tournaments

Time tournaments are perfect when you want to play a tournament but only have a limited amount of time. Time tournaments end after a pre-defined period. Once the time limit is reached, surviving players are paid out based wholly or partially on chip counts.

Run It Twice (RIT)

Poker pros love to “run it twice” in big cash game pots, and so can you. Run It Twice can only occur in pots where no more betting is possible. The players can choose to deal all remaining community cards over two separate boards. The total pot is split between the two boards, awarding the two halves of the pot according to the final results of each board. If all remaining players in the pot have activated this option, the two boards will be run automatically when the betting is complete before the river. To opt in to Run It Twice, just go to the ‘Settings’ menu, then ‘Gameplay’ (desktop) or ‘More’ > ‘Settings & Tools’ > ‘Table Settings’ (mobile).

Go to Run It Twice menu

Views for Ring Game Lobbies

We offer three different ‘Views’ for ring game lobbies. A control above the list of games allows you to change how tables are displayed. You can choose from: ‘List View’, ‘Combo View’ and ‘Groups View’.

Graphical Preview for Ring Games

The lobby allows you to preview the selected table in a graphical manner. You can see sitting out players, the location of the dealer button, and also choose a specific seat to be seated at. This way you have all the necessary information without needing to actually open a table!


Short on time? With Zoom, that’s never a problem. The fast-paced ring game format changes your opponents every hand and is the quickest online poker experience anywhere online. When you play Zoom you’ll join a pool of players, each switching between tables at the click of a button. Don’t like your hand? Just click ‘Fast Fold’ and you’ll be dealt another straight away. More on Zoom.

Zoom Tournaments

Zoom tournaments are tournaments that play in a 'Zoom' style, i.e. once you fold you are moved to another table with different players from the same tournament that, like you, have finished their hands. Once the tournament nears the final table, it will switch to a regular playing style till the end of the tournament.


Create your own shortcuts and make multi-tabling an easier experience with Hotkeys. You can configure your mouse or keyboard and make split-second decisions, such as fold, check and raise, by ‘Settings’ > ‘Gameplay’ menu and selecting ‘Hotkeys’ (desktop only). You can even change the borders of each table to highlight which one you need to act on next.

We hope you enjoy the unique features of playing poker with us over the Internet, and we hope to add even more in the near future. If you have any suggestions or comments, send them to Support. We are always happy to receive them and our team reads every email.