18 days. 54 Main Event tickets. $1.5M in WCOOP prizes.

Introducing the all-new $1.5M WCOOP Sweepstakes. We're giving away $1.5M in WCOOP prizes, including 54 WCOOP Main Event tickets each worth $5,200 across 18 sweepstakes, from August 30-September 19.

All you must do is opt-in to the $1.5M WCOOP Sweepstakes in your Challenges Window. Then play at least one WCOOP tournament to win entry into the next giveaway. The higher the buy-ins, the more entries you'll receive.

The massive $10M GTD Main Event starts September 20. So, start playing for your $5,200 ticket – and your share of $1.5M in WCOOP prizes – from today.

How it works

Once you have opted-in, you'll receive a WCOOP Sweepstakes entry (or more) for every WCOOP series tournament played.

WCOOP Sweepstakes entries are earned by playing a WCOOP tournament between 00:00 ET and 23:59 ET, and are credited to you the moment you are eliminated. The number of entries awarded are based on the tournament's buy-in:

  • Buy-ins up to $55 = 1 entry
  • Buy-ins from $55 to $530 = 2 entries
  • Buy-ins above $530 = 3 entries

WCOOP Sweepstakes will take place every day (excluding Saturday) at 00:00 ET, after which you will receive a notification with the outcome. That's three WCOOP Main Event tickets worth $5,200 guaranteed in every sweepstake.

Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion takes place from 00:00 ET on August 30, 2020 and finishes at 23:59 ET on September 19, 2020.
  • You must opt-in to the ‘$1.5M WCOOP Sweepstakes’ to participate in this promotion. Any tournaments played prior to opting in will not count towards this promotion.
  • WCOOP Sweepstakes entries are earned by playing WCOOP tournaments between 00:00 ET and 23:59 ET, and are awarded based on the tournament's buy-in:
    • MTT buy-ins up to $55 = 1 entry
    • MTT buy-ins from $55 to $530 = 2 entries
    • MTT buy-ins above $530 = 3 entries
  • Only WCOOP events count towards this promotion. WCOOP satellites and Side Events are not valid for this promotion nor are any other tournament formats, such as Spin & Go and Sit & Go tournaments.
  • Additional spend on tournaments other than the buy-in, such as rebuys and add-ons, do not contribute towards this promotion.
  • You will receive your entry(s) once you’ve been knocked out from an eligible tournament, or after you’ve finished in the top places.
  • WCOOP Sweepstakes will take place every day, excluding Saturday, at 00:00 ET (from August 30, 2020 to September 5, 2020; September 6 to September 12, 2020 and September 13 to September 19, 2020), after which you will receive a notification with the outcome.
  • 3 WCOOP Main Event tickets worth $5,200 will be guaranteed in every WCOOP Sweepstake. There will be additional prizes awarded as part of the WCOOP Sweepstakes. Go to your Challenges Window to see what you can win.
  • Prizes won as part of this promotion cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to any other players.
  • Tournament tickets won through WCOOP Sweepstakes will expire on September 20. They will hold no value once expired and will not be compensated.

If you have any questions about the $1.5M WCOOP Sweepstakes, please contact Support.