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Play Rush Poker – the World’s Fastest Poker Game!

Available exclusively at Full Tilt, Rush Poker is the ultimate high-speed poker experience.

This revolutionary poker format is designed to minimize your wait time between hands and keep you in the action at all times. Whether you’re playing a Rush Poker ring game or a Rush Poker Tournament, you’ll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand you play. When you fold your hand, you’ll be rushed to a new table for the next hand immediately.

Rush Poker

Rush Poker

Join a Rush Poker table to experience the world’s fastest poker game. Compared to a standard ring game, you’ll play up to four times as many hands per hour in a Rush Poker game. Learn how to find and play a Rush Poker ring game.

Rush Poker Tournaments

Rush Tournaments

Enter a Rush Poker Tournament to experience the world’s fastest poker tournament. Rush Poker Tournaments are available in a variety of formats, including freeze-out, rebuy, turbo and Knockout tournaments. Learn how to find and play a Rush Poker Tournament.

Systems, software, and methods implementing RUSH POKER (TM) are patent protected in the U.S. (U.S. Patent No. 8,727,850) and there are pending patent applications in other jurisdictions including but not limited to Canada (Canada Application No. 2,632,291), Europe (EP Application Nos. EP06836201.1 and EP13186935.6) and Australia (Australia Application No. 2013206303 ).