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One of the oldest variants of poker, 5-Card Stud is currently less commonly played than some of the other forms of stud, such as Stud Hi. However, as the rules are very similar to the more popular forms of stud, it's an easy game to pick up and a great game to master. The essential difference between 5-Card Stud and Stud Hi is that in the former, players use all five of their cards at showdown, while in the latter players make the best five card poker hand from the seven cards they are dealt.

As in most forms of poker, 5-Card Stud uses a standard 52-card deck that is shuffled before every hand. In each 5-Card Stud hand, players are dealt one hole card and one upcard, followed by a round of betting. Subsequently, three more upcards are dealt to players remaining in the hand, with a round of betting after each card is dealt. Each player ends up with five cards: four face up and one face down. After the final round of betting, the player holding the best hand using all five of their cards wins the pot at showdown.

5 Card Stud

The betting, ante, and bring-in are similar to those in our other stud games; this aspect is fully explained on the 5-Card Stud Comprehensive rules page.

On the third, fourth and fifth streets, the betting always starts with the player showing the highest hand. If two or more players have the same high hand, the betting begins with the player closest to the left of the stud button.

The betting on third street, when players remaining in the hand hold one hole card and two upcards, proceeds at the lower limit.

On fourth street, when players remaining in the hand hold one hole card and three upcards, the betting starts at the higher limit, and remains at that limit through the final round of betting. After the last round of betting, the software will award the pot to the best hand.

For a complete set of rules, see: 5-Card Stud Comprehensive.