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Player Achievement Badges

Show off your accomplishments at the tables with Full Tilt’s Player Achievement Badges. Earn each of your four Achievement Badges by completing challenges while playing in your favorite games.

As you earn your badges, you'll have the option of displaying them on your avatar. Earn all four to show the competition your range of skills at the tables.

Click on the boxes below to find out more about each badge.

Player Rewards Badge

Player Rewards Badge Icon

Display a Players Club badge or an Edge badge depending on your chosen rewards program.

Learn more about the Player Rewards Badges.

True Poker Player Badge

True Poker Player Badge Icon

Play in any of the games at Full Tilt to earn your True Poker Player Badge.

Learn more about the True Poker Player Badge.

Rush Poker Badge

Rush Poker* Badge Icon

Earn at least 50 Full Tilt Points in one month playing Rush Poker to claim your Rush PokerBadge.

Learn more about the Rush Poker Badge.

FTOPS Player Badge

FTOPS Player Badge Icon

Play in any Full Tilt Online Poker Series event to earn an FTOPS Player Badge.

Learn more about the FTOPS Player Badge.